Top10 Supercomputers: Peak Performance

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This page is a plot of the computing power of the top 10 supercomputers plus Terra-1000-2, the most powerful computer ever built in Europe (Atos/Bull) (source Top500, June 2019).

The peak computing power is just a theoretical upper bound to the practical use of a given supercomputer.

The red line represents the computing power of 1 EFlop/s, a dream in the High Performance Computing. We can see that the exascale is still far away; especially EuroHPC (Article 4, an exascale supercomputer with the European technology) is an extremely big challenge, requiring Bull (who else?) to build a computer 42.7-times more powerful then their fastest system so far (and about 11-times faster than the sum of the peak powers of all 22 Bull systems in Top500) - see the violet arrow.